Preparation for Student Teaching

Another task I must worry about before I graduate to become an official educator. To begin the road to student teach, I must complete another huge list to be approved. First I must fill out the application form for student teaching. Then I have to list at least two schools I would like to student teach, however the two schools that I pick must be within the same district. The school school district that I pick must have some kind of contact from my student teaching program in the semester prior to me student teaching. If my first school does not approve me then my Instructor will have to go to my second choice on the list and if that doesn’t workout, she will pick a school of her on choice. Also, I have to complete a background check and results of all test scores that I have passed within the education program. Then I have to get a TBE shot before I step foot on campus, if I dont have this then I would be incapable to student teaching.

Student Teacher Application



Requirements to become a Teacher

Trying to get certified while being a full-time student can be very difficult at times. The first task to accomplish is making a 290 on a preparation tool called certified teacher, but in reality the passing score is a 240 on the TEXES test for teachers. After I pass certify teacher I must study another tool called T-CERT with a completion of six hours and two face to face review sessions with a signature that proves that I attended both sessions. Once I get my signature I then have to pass the representative test with a 90 even though the passing grade is a 70.Also, I must complete a review on a website celled Khan Academy which is mainly for practicing math skills that would surely be on the test. It tells me what you need to work on and what mistakes I make while solving the problem. Once I have completed all of these things I will be given permission to take the state test.

Certify Teacher


My Observation

I have an education class where all future educators must attend to receive our teacher degree are called CUINS, and you must take four of theses classes. All CUIN classes require us to go out into different schools to observe classrooms and how educators teach, manage, and also observe the different teaching styles that we can use in our potential classrooms. CUIN classes require a total of 15 hours of observations for each class which is a total of 60 hours overall. Depending on the school district that we decide to observe must do a background check on each teacher candidate before we step on the campus, this can take up to two weeks. For proof that we visit these campuses, we must turn in a validation form that addresses the course we’re in, the principal’s signature, the name of the district, and last but not least the name of the school we plan on visiting.

Validation Form



My Degree Plan

Ugh! None of my prerequisite class are listed my degree plan. I’ve just been notified that I must take two more math prerequisite classes before I graduate. This is very frustrating! However, I did speak with my Dean and what do you know, she created another plan for me to continue to graduate in December of 2016. She suggested other classes that I can take in the summer for the same amount of credit, maybe even harder math classes than an education major should carry! But I’m fine with that as long as I graduate on time. I believe that the Education Department should update the degree plans for all education majors, most of the requirements have changed. Anyways, I’ve set my mind to graduate with a 3.5, Cum Laude I’m coming for you! I can’t wait until I walk across that stage to receive my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies! Soon I’m going to be enrolled in the Master’s program at Prairie View A&M University for Administration.

Take a look at my Degree Plan!

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I’ve passed my teacher certification during the summer which was such a relief! I was so nervous about this test since they day I entered the college of Education at Prairie View A&M University. Knowing that my result would be in within a week, I constantly checked the website to see if my scores were up yet. It felt like 3 weeks whether than a week! As soon as I received an e-mail saying my scores were in my heart dropped suddenly, words really cant describe how I felt when I read that e-mail. Once I saw the PASSED in bright green letters I jumped and screamed THANK YOU JESUS! because I knew he was in my favor. Many of my fellow classmates asked “Well what did you do to the pass the test?” I answered “You must find the time to study, the tools that our school provide us are a must have especially Certify Teacher”. I studied with another tool called T-Cert and of course the 4th through 8th generalist book.

Here’s another helpful website that I used for preparation