Chi Epsilon Alpha

Chi Epsilon Alpha is a new education organization of the Prairie View A&M for only education majors. To be admitted into the organization, you have to be interviewed by Dr. Boone, write a small summary about what it takes to be an effective teacher and why you chose the teaching profession, and lastly your GPA has to be at good standing. In this organization, we must learn how to present ourselves from clothes to the way we speak. We serve communities around the Prairie View campus for volunteer ours and to be much more involved with schools around us. The most exciting volunteer activity I’ve done with Chi Epsilon Alpha is when we had to decorate the gym of Jones Elementary for a Thanksgiving celebration. Just seeing the children faces light up when they saw the finishing touches of their gym felt amazing and it reminded me of why I chose the teaching profession.

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Chi Epsilon Alpha Honor Society


Kappa Delta Pi

As of today, I currently joined Kappa Delta Pi for the first rime. Kappa Delta Pi is a international honor society for education majors, in this organization you must have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher or you will not be permitted. My counselor Dr.Booker and the board members of Kappa Delta Pi shared the history and the importance of this honor society. During the Initiation, I introduced myself as did many other that also joined. One of the many things I’ve learned about my honor society is that a man named A.I Thomas did various things to have Kappa Delta Pi admitted to Prairie View AM University. Dr Booker has been the counselor since 1970 which is amazing. Not only that, but A.I Thomas is her husband! Toward the ending of the ending of the Initiation meeting, we expanded on how can we dedicate our service to the community. Individually we explained this to each other and it reminded me of the main reason why I decided to become an educator in the first place.¬†download (4)

Information on KAPPA DELTA PI


I made the Dean’s List once again!! Lord knows how ecstatic I became when I read my name in the program. Just to give some tips to undergrads; whatever you do! don’t procrastinate, if you do make sure you do the work 2 days before the assignment is due. I did this plenty of times however, I had to pull “all nighters” which I despise. Secondly, make sure you get to class on time, no matter how late you are it’s better to show up to class then to not show up at all. Professors might pick on you but and notice if your always late or early for their class. Thirdly, make sure that all of your assignments are handed in on time, this prevents late points and we all know that late points can add up to where your assignment is “A” worthy, but because of the late points you could get a B.

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Summer Classes

Currently I’m in panic mode for my summer classes because I’m trying to take the classes i need in order to student teach in the fall. So now that I’ve discussed this with my advisor, I required to take three math classes that are on my degree plan however, I’m currently enrolled in a prerequisite that is not on my degree plan. I’ve spoke to my department head of my department as well as the mathematics department head to see what plan they can come up with¬† and what can I possibly do to be able to be in three of this crucial classes this summer. My advisor suggested that I attend University of Houston for one of the math courses because Prairie View did not offer it this summer. I feel so rushed and under pressure but I’m must keep pushing for the degree that I want! But I know whatever I do, I will graduate in Fall 2016 even if I have to take a course during my student teaching semester. With prayer all things are possible!! Wish me luck!

Here’s a list of math courses that I can choose from at U of H.