My English Course

Currently I’m enrolled into an English class but it’s not the average go to class and write papers type of class. English 3043 is an online class, but this class shows you the ends and outs of using technology and the media. I’ve learned to use so many technology tools that I ‘ve never heard of yet alone, I didn’t know they existed. Google is the tech tool ever! it seems as though they have everything from emails to making a group project without having your group members physically there while working on a presentation. I’ve learned that you can create and entire cartoon with characters and with relevant information for your content called Powtoons. I know how to create blogs, flyers, quizzes, polls, and surveys all in one tool, that’s pretty awesome! I highly recommend that all future educators should take this class for their own convenience. Nothing like teacher who’s so tech savvy like the upcoming generation!

Example of my blog introduced by English 3043!



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