Summer 2016

This summer I will be determined to keep my grades at a great standing during these math sessions. I will be taking on three math courses between the summer and the fall of 2016. However I’m so ready for the challenge that I will be facing. Like most, I don’t like math very much but I know I will do whatever it takes to get an A not a B. Everyone asks me, “You think you can handle all this math at once?” I tell them that I have no doubt in my mind that I was built for this specific challenge, I’m more than ready! I know this is going to be an exciting semester for me especially when I cross the finish line. When I know I’ve done everything in my power to manage my grades and making an effort to understand and master my mathematical skills, most definitely I want to develop the art of knowing how to make mathematics sound and look easy for my future students as an educator.

How to make math easy for elementary levels



The Struggle to Graduation

So finally after all the hard work, sweat ,and tears, I’ve finally found the solution to student teach and graduate in time. It seemed as though the department of mathematics were making it impossible for me to graduate in fall 2016. However, I did my best to no shut down and give up. I spoke to my department head and advisor to give me options on which mathematics courses will work with my degree course that was not available until next year. Both did the best they could to help me however it was not enough because I came across another problem to where I couldn’t register for the class I needed in the summer to student teach in the fall. After discovering this, I decided to reach out to my dean who was very patient and understanding of my circumstances. She and the department head of mathematics suggested the option of taking a math course while I student teach, which I thought I could never do because of the rules of student teaching required students to not take any course while student teaching. In all I thank God for making a way! Now on to road of graduation!

Academic Calendar to Graduation!


Choosing A School District

There are so many school district in the state of Texas which is very difficult to chose because of the salaries. Of course I check the first year teacher salaries but since I’ve spoke with my advisor I’ve learned that some schools include their insurance policies and some do not. So now I know to never shy away from the school districts that start at $46,000 or $48,000. I know that I want to tech close to home for example Cypress, but I know that it might be more difficult finding a position in Cy-Fair ISD simply because every first year teacher wants to teach there, at least that’s what it feels like. The more and more I think of where to teach has opened my eyes to teach in HISD, Spring ISD, and FortBend ISD. As long as I’m within the Houston area I’m sure will be happy just for landing a job to pay back my student loans.

Here’s a list of all the Texas School Districts


Chi Epsilon Alpha Induction

On May 2, 2016 I attended the Chi Epsilon Alpha Induction to celebrate what we as an organization became involved in the community this year as of Spring 2016. And of course to celebrate the new inductees of Spring 2016. Not to mention we had a guess speaker who informed us on what administrative boards look for at a teacher interview. The tips  us were very helpful and gave me more insight on what to say on the most significant questions that are commonly asked. The guest speaker explained to us the qualities that they look for in a teacher, for example give a great reason as to why you love children? After the guest speaker said his piece we then acknowledged the Spring 2016 graduates with a metal for their service and participation. Overall the induction was organized and in a timely manner, seeing the individuals receiving those metal opened my eyes and reminded of why I chose to join this organization.


Chi Epsilon Alpha

Final Exam Time!

It’s crunch time to study for my finals and it feels like everything is falling on me at once. I’ve been pulling all nighters for the past three days to make sure that I’m prepared for my math and classroom management finals. I have a final to do online that’s 45 minutes with 45 questions which I think is crazy! If I come across a problem that may need more than a minute, I may run out of time to go back and check my answers. Most of my final are scheduled early in the mornings so I must study the night prior to when I take the test. On test days, I usually look over my studying material prior to test time so I can wake my brain up and review over the items I studied from the night before. But I know that all this hardwork and late night studying will pay off when I walk across the stage in the Fall of 2016!!

Prairie View A&M final exam schedule

My English Course

Currently I’m enrolled into an English class but it’s not the average go to class and write papers type of class. English 3043 is an online class, but this class shows you the ends and outs of using technology and the media. I’ve learned to use so many technology tools that I ‘ve never heard of yet alone, I didn’t know they existed. Google is the tech tool ever! it seems as though they have everything from emails to making a group project without having your group members physically there while working on a presentation. I’ve learned that you can create and entire cartoon with characters and with relevant information for your content called Powtoons. I know how to create blogs, flyers, quizzes, polls, and surveys all in one tool, that’s pretty awesome! I highly recommend that all future educators should take this class for their own convenience. Nothing like teacher who’s so tech savvy like the upcoming generation!

Example of my blog introduced by English 3043!


Chi Epsilon Alpha

Chi Epsilon Alpha is a new education organization of the Prairie View A&M for only education majors. To be admitted into the organization, you have to be interviewed by Dr. Boone, write a small summary about what it takes to be an effective teacher and why you chose the teaching profession, and lastly your GPA has to be at good standing. In this organization, we must learn how to present ourselves from clothes to the way we speak. We serve communities around the Prairie View campus for volunteer ours and to be much more involved with schools around us. The most exciting volunteer activity I’ve done with Chi Epsilon Alpha is when we had to decorate the gym of Jones Elementary for a Thanksgiving celebration. Just seeing the children faces light up when they saw the finishing touches of their gym felt amazing and it reminded me of why I chose the teaching profession.

download (5)

Chi Epsilon Alpha Honor Society

Kappa Delta Pi

As of today, I currently joined Kappa Delta Pi for the first rime. Kappa Delta Pi is a international honor society for education majors, in this organization you must have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher or you will not be permitted. My counselor Dr.Booker and the board members of Kappa Delta Pi shared the history and the importance of this honor society. During the Initiation, I introduced myself as did many other that also joined. One of the many things I’ve learned about my honor society is that a man named A.I Thomas did various things to have Kappa Delta Pi admitted to Prairie View AM University. Dr Booker has been the counselor since 1970 which is amazing. Not only that, but A.I Thomas is her husband! Toward the ending of the ending of the Initiation meeting, we expanded on how can we dedicate our service to the community. Individually we explained this to each other and it reminded me of the main reason why I decided to become an educator in the first place. download (4)

Information on KAPPA DELTA PI


I made the Dean’s List once again!! Lord knows how ecstatic I became when I read my name in the program. Just to give some tips to undergrads; whatever you do! don’t procrastinate, if you do make sure you do the work 2 days before the assignment is due. I did this plenty of times however, I had to pull “all nighters” which I despise. Secondly, make sure you get to class on time, no matter how late you are it’s better to show up to class then to not show up at all. Professors might pick on you but and notice if your always late or early for their class. Thirdly, make sure that all of your assignments are handed in on time, this prevents late points and we all know that late points can add up to where your assignment is “A” worthy, but because of the late points you could get a B.

Here’s more information on the Honors Convocation that I (2)

Summer Classes

Currently I’m in panic mode for my summer classes because I’m trying to take the classes i need in order to student teach in the fall. So now that I’ve discussed this with my advisor, I required to take three math classes that are on my degree plan however, I’m currently enrolled in a prerequisite that is not on my degree plan. I’ve spoke to my department head of my department as well as the mathematics department head to see what plan they can come up with  and what can I possibly do to be able to be in three of this crucial classes this summer. My advisor suggested that I attend University of Houston for one of the math courses because Prairie View did not offer it this summer. I feel so rushed and under pressure but I’m must keep pushing for the degree that I want! But I know whatever I do, I will graduate in Fall 2016 even if I have to take a course during my student teaching semester. With prayer all things are possible!! Wish me luck!

Here’s a list of math courses that I can choose from at U of H.